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International Stress and Behavior Society


About ISBS

ISBS is the international society of experts working in the field of clinical and translational neuroscience, neurobehavioral sciences, biopsychology and biopsychiatry, with a particular focus on stress, stress-related neurobehavioral phenotypes, their neural, molecular and genetic mechanisms, as well as stress-evoked neuropsychiatric disorders. Anyone with an interest in stress-related human or animal behaviors, neurobehavioral disorders and their mechanisms are welcome to join society

 ISBS organizes conferences globally


Our officers

Organizing committee is always here to ensure best quality of events


Allan kalueff

ISBS President, phD, Professor


Viktor Klimenko

ISBS Vice-President, MD, phD, Professor


Fellows of ISBS

The ISBS Fellowship (with Life membership) is the highest honor bestowed by the International Stress and Behavior Society. It is awarded annually to international scholars, in recognition of their contribution to clinical or translational neuroscience, biological psychiatry and stress physiology research and/or education, as well as for their long-standing support of the ISBS mission and its national, regional or international programs.

  • Dr. Mikhail Aghajanov (Yerevan Medical University, Armenia), 2015

  • Dr. Todd Allen (University of Northern Colorado, USA), 2018

  • Dr. Elliott Beaton (University of New Orleans, USA), 2015

  • Dr. Jean Martin Beaulieu (Laval University, Canada)

  • Dr. Marcus Day (Caribbean Drug and Alcohol Research Institute, St. Lucia), 2016

  • Dr. David Diamond (University of South Florida, USA), 2015

  • Dr. Evgeniy Budygin (Wake Forest Medical Center, USA), 2014

  • Dr. David Echevarria (University of Southern Mississippi, USA), 2014

  • Dr. Alexey Egorov (Sechenov Institute, Russia), 2014

  • Dr. Irina Ekimova (Sechenov Institute, Russia), 2013

  • Dr. James Erskine (St George‚Äôs University of London, UK), 2018

  • Dr. Philippe Fauquet-Alekhine (Chinon Nuclear Power Plant, France), 2017

  • Dr. Raul Gainetdinov (Italian Institute of Technology, Italy), 2013

  • Dr. Allan Kalueff (ZENEREI Institute, USA), ISBS President, 2013

  • Dr. Victor Klimenko (Institute of Experimental Medicine, Russia), Vice-President, 2013

  • Dr. Mamiko Koshiba (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan), 2014

  • Dr. Dusko Kozic (University of Novi Sad, Serbia), 2016

  • Dr. Daniel Miller (Carthage College, USA), 2018

  • Dr. Shun Nakamura (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan), 2014

  • Dr. Xiu Liu (University of Mississippi Medical Center, USA), 2016

  • Dr. Tatyana Nevidimova (National Mental Health Institute, Russia), 2014

  • Dr. Louis Newman (Destiny Medical School, St. Lucia), 2016

  • Dr. Yuriy Pastuhov (Sechenov Institute, Russia), 2013

  • Dr. Ghanshyam Pandey (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA), 2017

  • Dr. Mikhail Pletnikov (Johns Hopkins University, USA), 2015

  • Dr. Vsevolod Rozanov (Odessa University, Ukraine), 2017

  • Dr. Urban Seraphin (Allied Health Council, St. Lucia), 2016

  • Dr. Adam Stewart (ZENEREI Institute, USA), 2015

  • Dr. Petr Shabanov (Institute of Experimental Medicine, Russia), 2016

  • Dr. Cai Song (Guangdong Ocean University, China), 2016

  • Dr. Tatyana Strekalova (Maastricht University, Netherlands), 2014

  • Dr. Gilbertha St. Rose (Eden Herbs, St. Lucia), 2015

  • Dr. Oleg Syropiatov (UAPO, Ukraine), 2013

  • Dr. Sergei Tsikunov (Institute of Experimental Medicine, Russia), 2014

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+1 240 899 9571



ISBS Secretariat, 309 Palmer Court, Slidell, LA 70458, USA

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